अन्नदान annadhanam

Annadhanam, the sacred tradition of offering food is often called the most noble form of daanam. Not only because without food life cease to exist but also because it is a charity where the receiver can say “Enough”. Irrespective of how much food one can offer, the receiver will stop at some point and say, Thank you – I am full.

Do karma
bulid dharma

If you wish to contribute our project you do so by organising a yoga class with your friends, colleagues or other. The money your class raises will fund the annadhanam project in India and every yogi in your event will fund about 30 meals.

Invite your friends

 As a sponsor you are responsible for inviting yogis and finding a good place for your event. We take care of the rest.

Practise yoga

 Sudheesh will lead the yoga class, we also have yogamats you can borrow.

Enjoy a meal

 After the yoga class you will enjoy a meal together. And yes of course - we serve vegetarian South Indian food.

Be the change

 The funds your event raises will go directly to the food project in India. One yoga event provides between 150-550 meals.

To end world hunger we all have to take action.
UN Agenda 2030